• Fully Furnished
  • Seven Bedrooms
  • Swimming Pool


  • Sun, daffodils and spring is on its way

    It’s been a beautiful week, early frost gives way to clear blue skies, sunshine and warmth. The daffodils are popping through, bees are buzzing and the lizards are basking on the warm stone. Spring is on its way!!

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  • Migration

    Lots of cranes have been flying over today, all heading towards warmer climes. Fantastic sight, one flock was about 200 meters in length. Autumn is definitely here, with a chill in the air and the wood burners roaring away.

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  • Hot,Hot,Hot

    Summer is in full swing. Endless blue skies, hot sunshine, splashing in the pool.Lovely bustling markets bursting with delicious produce, day and night. Cicadas singing and glow bugs shining! There isn’t a better place to be.

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  • Winter’s here

    The wood burners are glowing and keeping us cosy during these wintry days. We’ve had crispy white gardens and the brightest blue skies.  Doug is crafting new shutters for the house and plans are afoot for cookery, flower and art courses in 2013 plus an adventure playground too!

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Large Private Swimming Pool - 12m x 6m

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